Žilina Local Government

Headquarters address: 48 Komenského Street, 011 09 Žilina, Slovak Republic

Website: www.zilinskazupa.sk

The self-governing Žilina Region is located in the north-western part of Slovakia and is the third largest region in the Slovak Republic. It borders with the Czech Republic on the west and with Poland on the north.

The surface of the Žilina region is predominantly mountainous with a relatively high average altitude. The valleys along the Váh, Orava, Kysuc and Turiec rivers are up to 300 metres above sea level and are surrounded by mountains and hills: the Western Tatras, Low Tatras, Big Fatra, Little Fatra, Beskydy, Strážovské vrchy, Javorníky, Chočské vrchy, Kysucká vrchovina and many others. The highest peak is Bystrá in the Western Tatras (2248 m). Overall 4 areas in the region have been declared national parks – the High Tatras, the Low Tatras, the Veľká Fatra and the Malá Fatra. There are also 4 protected landscape areas, 62 national nature reserves, 39 nature monuments and 9 protected natural monuments.

The Žilina Region is a district with high investment potential. There is a good base for high-tech industries such as software engineering, information and communication technologies, electrical engineering and electronics. The services development has also accelerated in recent years – especially in finance, research and development, tourism, logistics and trade. The region has a long tradition of engineering production (railway equipment, bearings, construction machinery and tools), followed by the automotive industry. The region has various mineral-rich springs, many of which have medical benefits. That has contributed significantly to the development of the spa industry, wellness services and natural beverage production.

Nature and culture are the main treasures of the Žilina Region. Over a half of its area is protected. In addition to beautiful nature, the region currently boasts with 22 national cultural monuments, 1096 immovable and 1386 movable monuments, 1 urban protection zone, 3 protected reserves of folk architecture (the village of Vlkolínec is on the UNESCO World Heritage List) and 19 protected zones.

Thanks to its natural conditions, the region is an attractive summer and winter tourism destination. The rich offer of winter sports is complemented by numerous ski resorts, which offer not only high-quality cross-country trails and ski slopes, but also the most modern ski lifts and cable cars in the entire Slovakia. Those who prefer to relax on holiday or simply choose to do water sports can visit the numerous thermal baths, pools, lakes or dams.

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