Common 3D digitization of historical objects of cross-border area SK-PL

Program: Interreg V-A PL – SK


  • PP: Technical University of Žilina UNIZA
  • The project includes museums and other cultural heritage sites of the Žilina and Silesia regions.

Schedule: 4/2017 – 10/2018

Budget: 717 767,- EUR
TRITIA: 81 000,- EUR

Project description: The aim of the project was the 3D digitalisation of selected historical buildings in the Polish-Slovak border region. The developed 3D models served as a method of archiving historical buildings.

The project also involved an exchange of know-how on digitisation of historical monuments, training for employees of cultural institutions on modern tools used to protect and promote cultural heritage and create innovative products
and promotion of cultural heritage and the creation of innovative tourism products.