OUR activity on +! Promotion of EU funds for work with people at risk of social exclusion

Program: Ministry of Investment and Development in Poland, program: Together on European Funds

Lead partner: EGTC TRITIA

Partners: Without partners

Schedule: 6/2019-11/2019

Razem: 5 014,- EUR
Total: EUR 5 014,-

Project description: As part of the project, an information and promotion seminar and educational workshops were carried out, aimed at exchanging good practices, combined with expert advice. The aim of this event was a holistic approach to the issues of people with disabilities and the possibility of supporting them under national and regional funds of the European Union in Poland. We also invited representatives of organizations that have successfully implemented such thematic projects and can share their experience to participate in the event. The seminar informing and promoting the funds, which we have planned, was organized with the aim of encouraging you to familiarize yourself with a wide range of KPO and RPO funds, implement new solutions to improve the accessibility of products and services, e.g. for people with disabilities or elderly people with limited mobility or perception.

Implementation: The seminar and workshops were organized at the Silesian Museum on September 24, 2019.