The journey of Cyril and Methodius – a journey in the footsteps of John Paul II.

Program: Interreg Czech Republic – Poland

Lead partner: EGTC TRITIA


  • Moravian-Silesian Region
  • Polish Tourist Society

Schedule: 1. 1. 2024 – 30. 6. 2025

Project description: The Cyril and Methodius Trail is a set of trails designed to follow in the footsteps of Saints Cyril and Methodius and their followers, connecting sacred, early medieval and other cultural monuments or other tourist, natural and cultural attractions from the border regions of the Cluster. The creation and designation of pilgrimage routes will support local entrepreneurship and the development of cross-border tourism.

The John Paul II Way aims to hike and discover common cultural roots and strengthen informal ties between local people. A guidebook has been produced which provides information on the route, what to see, etc. The films produced will also be used to promote the villages/places/trails.

The aim of the project is to increase the attractiveness of the area for residents, tourists and pilgrims travelling along the CMtrails in the Moravian-Silesian border region through sustainable tourism. At the same time, the planned activities will make well-known and lesser-known natural, cultural and technical monuments along the CMtrails in the area more attractive. The implementation of the project will create a sustainable cultural tourism product developing hiking tours, local culture and increasing the attractiveness of the natural heritage of the participating villages and towns.

Consistency with strategy and action plan

Strategic objective:

Objective CR2 To increase the intensity of cross-border tourism for the inhabitants of neighbouring regions.

Objective CR3 Preservation of existing cultural values (e.g. folklore) and natural wealth, monuments and cultural heritage (including the protection and renovation of sacral objects, fortifications, historical, urban and technical complexes) and the development of craft traditions.

Objective CR4 Develop tourism infrastructure related to the development of hiking trails and routes, cross-country skiing trails, bicycle trails and routes, racecourses and hippodromes, associated infrastructure and other recreational facilities.

Objective CR5 Increase visitor awareness of “attractions on the other side of the border”.

Action plan:

Barrier-free tourism – network of tourist facilities and attractions in the TRITIA ESSA region accessible to people with disabilities

Restoration of cultural and natural monuments