We have published a new publication – “Let’s get to know each other”

The idea of the project “Let’s get to know each other better! Strengthening the linguistic and cultural competences of the inhabitants of Poland, the Czech Republic and Ukraine” was born as a response to the situation in which Polish and Czech education found itself after a day that in a fundamental way became the beginning of a new era in Europe: 24 February 2022.

This publication therefore contains answers to many questions that lead to the question of what is interculturality properly understood. Is it a solid knowledge of national, ethnic and religious minorities, or is it rather a general strengthening of curiosity about the world and a desire to know others and oneself? Today, intercultural education is above all a way of forming one’s own identity (not only national or ethnic). All the scenarios in this publication discuss how to integrate intercultural education into the classroom, what materials can be used and where to find them. We hope that they will serve not only as ready-made materials, but also as inspiration for your own explorations and for creating programs that incorporate knowledge about a world in which people, not their origins, are the most important thing, and in which the range of human experience is a richness.

The project, titled ‘Let’s Get to Know Each Other Better! Strengthening Language and Cultural Competences of Residents of Poland, Czech Republic, and Ukraine,’ registration number CZ.11.4.120/0.0/22_037/0003265, is co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund under the Interreg V-A Czech Republic – Poland program.